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Madeline Benson


Madeline is standing in front of a wall made of wood. She is wearing blue jeans, a tan cardigan, and a red headband..
About Me
Madeline is standing outside in the woods. She is wearing blue jeans and a blue patchwork top.

About Me

Writing music is hard. Have you ever spent hours with your instrument coming up with the perfect melody, only to find that the right words are escaping you? As a lyricist, I specialize in helping musicians figure out how they want to tell their stories.

If a picture can speak a thousand words, a well-written lyric can paint a thousand pictures. Lyrics that are catchy, passionate, and memorable can help bring your musical story to life and give your listeners a little something extra to remember you by.

As a lifelong performer, writer, and music lover, I grew up surrounded by fantastic songwriting. The common thread connecting my favorite memories has been the presence of music - and when I hear the lyrics to those songs, I’m instantly transported back in time to all of those unforgettable moments. Great lyrics can take a song from “good” to transcendent, and I’m passionate about helping musicians achieve this.

You bring that soaring melody, and I’ll help you find the words. Let’s write together.


Need help getting started with writing lyrics? Curious about my writing process? Check out my latest blog post!

Scott Testimonial
"Behind her gentle, sweet spirit, you will find a wordsmith... a storyteller... an imagineer... someone who can turn a phrase into a picture that we can see within our own minds. That's the power of a good writer... someone who can make others feel the beating of their own hearts. Madeline Benson holds such a power and it is with deep gratitude that I get to call her "co-writer." Madeline is the real deal... her art is etched in her soul."

Scott Gray, TN

Contact Me

Contact Me

I live in Boston with my husband and our cat, but thanks to technology, we can work together wherever you are. Fill out the form and let's chat!

25 Queensberry St. Apt. 15

Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 406-422-7306

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